Monday, September 17, 2007

Neither Here Nor There

There's a lot o'blog missing so I'll address that briefly before I talk about my AWESOME camping experience. (capitalized words go with pictures) Here we go: Bea's first week of school ended with a bang. She absolutely loves school! Fastforward to her first track-break and now she's in PENNSYLVANIA with family.
Before the Pa trip we jetted out to Palm Springs on a paid-for RESORT weekend thanks to the generosity of one Pastor Patrick Kennedy. Many episodes of Law and Order and one cherry SNOWCONE later we made the trip back home on four brand new TIRES...nothing is free, right?
Davey and I took a small working vacation to Erie to drop off Bea and celebrate my BIRTHDAY. Four cold and damp days later we boarded a plane back to California for sunnier skies.
The day after we arrived home the Ensors ambushed us with a fantastic CAMPING TRIP complete with 8-man tent and sausages. Doing nothing has never felt so good and I'll be damned if I've ever laughed harder in my life then on that first night.
More on camping above.

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