Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fire Update 8am Thursday

Our sky is completely covered in a layer of smoke, mostly from the south. The sun has risen up through the smog to reign an eerie reddish glow over the sky. It's freezing outside (46 degrees), a sort of nuclear winter, and I just found out that our two adjoining cities have closed their school districts due to air quality. Here in Menifee we can't smell anything and there's still no ash in the air. Being in a valley we're pretty well protected espcially now since there aren't any winds to speak of. Bea's school has cancelled their Harvest Festival that was supposed to take place tomorrow night on recommendation from the school board "just in case" air quality isn't so good here. We haven't had our air tested yet to my knowledge but the school is still keeping the kids inside all day; no recess, no outside snack and no playground time before or after school.
This is "Day 5 of the California Firestorm" and the media has been bombarding us with stories of families that have been allowed to go home but are "returning to nothing".
The fires to the north are completely out and things are getting back to normal up normal as it could be with blackened landscape and a ghostly fire-fog hanging over the cities.
The national news stations seem to have basically given up coverage on us even though the Witch fire is still burning as is the Rice fire which I read online has shifted north (towards J & V's house) but has enough containment that "it looks like the worst is over". Some Fallbrook residents will be allowed to return this weekend depending on air quality.

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