Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire Update

Things are looking grim for Jason and Virginia in Fallbrook. They have just been evacuated after watching the fire inch closer and closer since 4am this morning. They will be heading to the other house they own up here in Menifee. They've had the car packed and ready to go since early this morning and were hoping they wouldn't have to. Fallbrook is about 32 miles South of us here in Menifee.
There are about 7 fires burning to the North, South and East of us. Two are in east Ontario which is about 40 miles North. Some of you might recognize the area name because you've flown into and out of the Ontario airport to visit us.
There's no immediate danger for us here in Menifee although we're terrified for our friends in Fallbrook.
Please pray that God would spare the Dunns' home and that the winds would die down so that the firefighters have better chance of containing these fires.

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