Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Skit

Bea's kindergarten class teamed up with two other kinder-classes to put on a Thanksgiving spectacular in the Multi-Purpose Room (read: cafeteria/auditorium). They sang such holiday favorites as "Smells Like Thanksgiving" and "America The Beautiful". I've never seen a room of adults so rapt by dialogue like "Thank you for coming!" and "Let's Eat".
The pictures aren't great since we only got there 10 minutes early and totally got the shaft on seating (I swear some of those parents in the front were there for an hour just to save their spot)....but I'm not bitter because I got a really good picture of all the 'cinematographers' in the back of the room.
By the way, Bea had a small speaking part: "Please enjoy our show!"

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