Monday, June 09, 2008

Princess Annie Bananie

My cherished friend is about to give birth. It will be any day, nay, any minute now. My dearest Annie is a mama. I can't believe it. Saddened that I'm not there to share in the birth, remembering how Anne was halfway across the world giving birth to herself when my own bean was born. There will be photographs and writings and I will feel as if I'm a part of Baby McCarthy's life but I won't get to hold her. I won't get to look into Anne's face as she holds her daughter. There are rare moments that are as bittersweet as this.
I wish for Anne peace during the labor and courage during the birth. I wish her bliss upon seeing her child's face for the first time. I wish her rest and patience and rejoice in the fact that Helen is there to walk beside her every sleepless night and foggy day. I wish her laughter and pleasure in her child's first days, months, years. And I wish to meet her daughter face to face someday soon.
Annie Bananie, my best friend, said we'd be friends until the end.


bananie said...

i just saw this.

i love you.

and i can't wait until our daughters meet. and i can't wait to hug your neck. soon.

bananie said...

pee ess, the annie bananie book is now amongst sparky's growing collection of books.