Friday, July 11, 2008

My day thus far

6:30 awaken, push snooze, fall back to sleep, wake with a jolt 5 minutes later "there's no time to snooze!"
6:45 gently wake up B and persuade her out of bed and to the kitchen table. realize she's cranky and there's nothing that will change that.
6:50 put pants on B, make warm flatbread with honey for her breakfast
6:55 put pencil in B's hand and sweetly but firmly convince her that it is a matter of life or death that she finish her homework which is due today.
6:58 B begins homework
6:59 B finishes first letter of homework
7:01 I am in a complete panic but manage to stay calm while holding her paper still for her (she only has one arm, remember?)
7:15 homework is less than 1/2 finished and she hasn't eaten her breakfast
7:18 I tell her to take a break and eat while I go get dressed for the gym and brush her hair
7:20 realize I'm not going to make my 7:30 gym class
7:25 she finishes her breakfast and starts on her last page of homework
7:27 realize the clock I've been watching is 5 minutes slow.
7:35 slam shoes on B's feet, dump a teaspoon of motrin down her throat and all over the front of her sling, grab lunch money, book bag, homework, child and run out to the car
7:39 arrive at school. B's just in time to line up for assembly. hand her book bag to a classmate (she only has one arm, remember?) and sprint for the office to get her lunch money in on time so it will post to her account today. forget to pick up her medicine from the nurse.
7:41 sprint back to the car mistakenly believing I can still make my 7:30 class. start the car, back out of the parking space and realize I forgot to bring B a snack for 9:30 snack time. concede defeat of my step class and speed home.
7:44 pack hasty snack of fruit leather and almonds. jump in the car and fly back to school.
7:48 speed walk into school yard and find kids still lined up outside of the classroom door. run up to bea, hand her the snack as she shows me a kitty eraser. Come to find out she was chosen as Mrs. Clark's student of the week. Pause for a moment. Kiss her soft head, smile, suddenly realize the last 60 minutes don't matter.
7:54 arrive home, clean up the tornado mess I made in the kitchen on my last visit home. Make tea and flat bread with honey. Breathe.
7:59 remember there is a voice mail on my phone from yesterday. Check it. It is Rachelle from MTV. My day is getting better.


DawnaHartman said...


probably one of best blog postings i've read in a looong time. it made my day. :)

bananie said...

i need a nap now.