Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Small mercies

Thanking God today for his mercy and kindness to even the least things. Obviously, to me, Bea's broken arm is not a "least thing" but in order of importance I think Potential World War and Starving Children are pretty high up on the list and Beatrice Quiggle's Broken Arm is probably down there a bit. Nevertheless, we were pleased as punch to hear from the Dr. yesterday that the cast will only have to be on for 2 weeks and that the fracture will heal completely (perfectly, even) and will have no effect on her future growth, whatsoever.
So, for now she is in a hot pink cast, out of the sling (except at school, where she'll wear it for comfort reasons only) and back to being able to wear a new, cute outfit every day.
Oh, the joy certainty and control can bring!


DawnaHartman said...

As happy as I am that she will only have it on for 2 weeks (praise God!)...I'm bummed I won't be able to sign that little cast of hers. Take pictures!

Micah Ensor said...

Told you it would be an even number (2 weeks)