Wednesday, September 03, 2008

T-minus something like 13 hours

I think I was born in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe 4am? or 3? I can't remember exactly even though I've asked my mom this very question countless times on countless birthdays in the past. No matter. Tonight at midnight I am officially 30. As a sweet surprise my best friend was trying to get Michael Phelps to jump out of a cake for me. She had it planned way in advance, but on account of all the "gold medals" I guess it will have to wait till next year. This year as a consolation prize I get Brian Boitano.

In that pose. He was my flamboyant crush of yesteryear. Amy remembers. Don't you Amy? Remember when you cut out a picture of my smiling face and pasted it over that Yamaguchi bitch in the picture of her and Brian skating pairs? Ah, yes. That stayed on the fridge for years.

So with my Brian cake on the way and the new episode of Project Runway tonight (which I'm only able to watch thanks to a mix-up at Verizon, weeeee!) I've got one hell of a birthday eve in store.


karoline said...

happy birthday! nothing says celebration like a new episode of project runway (i'm addicted myself). :)

amy said...

i totally remember that picture!!!!! happy birthday sweet shannon rose!!! 30 is not that bad, i promise!!!