Monday, October 06, 2008

Revisiting baby days

With all the baby booming going on around us, Dave was inspired to dig through the studio closet (very brave of him) for old cds filled with B's baby pictures. He spent some late night/early morning hours uploading the pictures onto his computer and then showed them to me the next day. I can't believe how far we've come from those days. It's terrible and wonderful at the same time; those days and all their challenges, marvels and miracles are long gone, and here we are today with a gorgeous, well-adjusted, smart, tough little girl.
These old photos stirred so many emotions in me, not the least of which were the sadness and emptiness that so often accompanies nostalgia. But the glowing little baby face with the big fat cheeks also brought me great joy and pride. I'm so proud of the parents that Dave and I have become, proud of what we've come through together, a united front in parenthood. I'm proud of the young lady who respects her elders and peers alike, who can read entire books, who loves school and kittens. Just the other day I was telling friends that I just don't see any of myself in Bea, that I feel like she's more her father than she will ever be like me. After looking again at her baby photos I was reminded just how much of myself I discovered in her during those early days.
I'm posting these pictures because it occurs to me that if it's been 6 years since I've seen them, most of you have probably never seen them. And after looking at so many gorgeous pictures of all of our friends' babies (and preparing to look at even more in the coming months) the selfish part of me just wants you all to see our gorgeous baby.


ohchicken said...


this is the only bea i've known. isn't that crazy?
we need to fix this.

and i think our girls are equal in cuteness. that's fair, right?

amy said...

well thank heavens someone is going to throw a boy in the mix!!! shan - i remember how precious baby bea was, and (same as A) now i see these pictures of her and think to myself "wow, i dont even know that little girl!!!" anyways, jack weighs in at 6lbs as of last thursday ... he's gonna be a big boy, but big is healthy! so much more to tell you, email me!

karoline said...

aww, how sweet. :) what an adorable babe she was and beautiful little girl she has become.

DawnaHartman said...

holy chubby cheeks - i've never seen those photos, and they're precious!

i miss her right now...

how is she liking the 1st grade?