Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween on Deercreek Circle

Dave and I have dubbed this the Best Halloween Ever...So Far. The weather was gorgeous, the night was clear and full of the promise of fun. Bea decided she would be a princess vampire so Dave dressed to accommodate taking her door to door. I went with Micah and Nat's costume idea and we three stayed behind to pass out candy at Redneck Base Camp. (Originally we were calling the characters White Trash but later decided that might be insulting to some of the neighbors. Don't ask me why 'Redneck' is a safer term.) We hauled out the great big fire pit-on-wheels and started up a driveway bon fire to attract more trick or treaters. Then we decided it would be in keeping with the costumes to eat dinner outside around the fire while we passed out candy. So there we were in our best worst clothes, me with curlers in my hair and bright pink lipstick, Nat with a huge (fake) pregnant belly sticking out from under a white tank top, and Micah with a trucker hat and Billy Bob teeth, eating Sloppy Joes and tater tots while hollering "Git on up 'ere and git yerselfs some canday!" to all the passersby. Micah would occasionally let out an arbitrarily twangy "nownownownow" which sounded more like "naeh naeh naeh naeh". Nat and I got chastised by one uptight neighbor about our "cocktails" (water in plastic martini glasses) and one lady glibly remarked "They look like they're from up in Romoland."

Bea's haul was ungodly this year. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with all that candy. When her majesty the vampire got back to the house she wanted out of her costume and makeup immediately. I fed her dinner and allowed her to pick 2 candies which she scarfed down, then she promptly curled up on my lap and fell asleep. I gloried in her regression to babyhood as long as I could but started to feel my body going numb with the weight of her and decided to put her to bed inside. The rest of us sat and chatted for a long while, then (in true Redneck fashion) hosed down the fire and retired inside to watch Young Frankenstein, a Halloween tradition. Also closely following tradition we all fell asleep during the movie, with the exception of Davey, who I think could probably stay awake for days on end if it was even slightly necessary.
Last night we took full advantage of the the end of daylight savings time and stayed up "late" to watch Edward Scissor Hands in an attempt to stretch out the holiday a little longer. Halfway through the movie I looked and Dave and we clinked our Blood Orange Jones Sodas together and wished each other a Happy Halloween.


ohchicken said...

i love your fambly.

tweesh said...

what's romoland? is that like disneyland for romoes? i don't think i appreciate your neighbor's comments.

amy said...

b looked adorable! i miss you!