Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ahhhh toot toot!

I just need to toot my own horn for a hot minute. Today was my 1st meeting with Travis, the personal trainer. Dave and I both got a free session and I had no intention of going. But since Dave would rather see me work smarter, not harder he suggested I make an appointment. And I made the appointment reluctantly...semi-reluctantly since it was free. But the apprehension I felt as the date neared was second in intensity only to the recent approach of my 30th birthday. I knew there would be prodding and personal questions and that I would have to see a computer generated image of my unshapely self...which was both scarring and therapeutic.
But once the session started and Travis showed me what machines to use I really enjoyed myself. Of course it didn't hurt the situation when Travis said "You're a trainer's dream." WIN.
Apparently since I've "been working out for awhile" and "already know how to breathe" all we have left to do is "chisel your body."
Thanks Trav!
Now I've got a 6 week regiment to build 7lbs of muscle before starting the plan to get my body fat down to 19%. No, I won't tell you what is was before. That falls under Travis/trainee confidentiality.
Travis likes to say things like "YES" and "Bikini, girl, bikini" and "You're a trainer's dream" a lot. And it's motivating and I love it. I've decided to go for this look:

No but seriously, I'm glad to finally have a personalized goal instead of working out 6 times a week like a maniac and seeing no results. This could be good.

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