Thursday, March 19, 2009


The tiny new baby is here. She made her debut at 6:20 this morning. She is pink with a shock of black hair and the most perfect nose and lips. She looks like Micah right now but I'm sure as she grows into her girlie features she'll take on Nat's look more and more.
I couldn't be more proud of Natalie. She did so well. No epidural and a relatively short labor. She was looking radiant, if a little tired, when I saw her this morning. She was in a bit of shock from the residual pain but was very talkative and eager to relive the events of the early morning. I remember being the same way. Just wanting to think about it and talk about it and never forget a single detail.
Nat's looking forward to checking out of the hospital tomorrow morning and I'm looking forward to having all three of them home.
Sadly, my camera battery died so I have no pictures. But I'll be going back tonight to visit and will have a fully charged battery for pictures and video.

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jennifer said...

I will be awaiting the photos....