Sunday, March 08, 2009

Here is a check list I successfully completed today:

- drive to church
- leave church 5 minutes after arriving due to severe child meltdown.
On the way home:
- don't go grocery shopping
- do threaten child with having to stay in bed for the rest of the day
- don't stop to pick up birthday gift for child's friend
- do stop for Starbucks to make self feel better
- don't allow self to rant to child about 'responsibilities'
- do sing loudly along with Morrissey wishing you could trade problems with him
- don't curse out lifted truck that cuts you off
- do speed around said truck, cut him off, then drive slowly in front of him feeling very self satisfied
- once home put child to bed explaining the theory behind the punishment
- listen to child ranting quietly behind closed door
- snuggle husband who understands how shitty your morning just was
- blog about it

1 comment:

karoline said...

i'm sorry to hear your morning was so challenging. :-/

i, too, am a fan of the self-satisfied cut off. j detests it when i do it, but sometimes you've just got to take action!