Friday, June 12, 2009

Now is the time for blogging. I have successfully completed two days of running "training" with Jill, who is a fitness goddess. She believed in me enough (or wanted a running partner enough) to convince me that she could teach me to run. I have avoided running for my entire life and on Tuesday, day 1, I felt like I was walking the Green Mile as I approached the treadmill. I'll just say that Tuesday was hell on a treadmill belt and leave it at that. The following day, Wednesday, I decided that I would do this 'running thing' for 3 weeks and then if I still hated it I would stop. Then Thursday came. We did the same program (see below) from Tuesday and miraculously my body seemed to have adapted a little already. It was a little easier which made me a little more positive, which drove me to 4 miles in just under 50 minutes!

I am amazed at the power of mind and body. And of course, the motivation that one person can cause in you just by saying "I know you can do it, you're strong." While we run Jill reminds me to breath, keep my shoulders down, keep my knees soft and my feet going heel/toe. Eventually she says she won't have to remind me, that I'll just remember those things on my own. The main thing about running is that you really do have to focus in on your breathing and your mental state. The minute I start thinking Two more minutes?! I can't do this. is the very minute I lose my breath. But if I just focus on the sound of my feet and my breathing the sprints go by much faster than I expect.

I'm still not convinced that running is the be-all end-all of exercising, or that it's going to be my 'new thing.' But I am Totally convinced now that I really can do anything...ANYTHING. Nothing is too hard...and so what if it is? I can still do it, and I might just do it because it's too hard.

Jill's Running Program:

fast walk - 5 minutes
med. jog - 4 minutes
fast jog - 2 minutes
walk long strides - 30 seconds
jog - 30 seconds
walk - 30 seconds
jog - 30 seconds
sprint - 1 minute
walk - 1 minutes

Repeat 2x until you get 4 miles
always sprint the last 1/4 mile


karoline said...

I think it's awesome that you have opened yourself up to give running a try. :) And if/when you do a half-marathon, you'll probably want to do a whole marathon...I know I did! There's no feeling quite like the feeling you get after completing one. You go girl!

happiestgirl said...

I'm going to "try" this tonight! I had a yoga class today but skipped the cardio after so I can run tonight.. wish me luck!