Friday, November 13, 2009


Things seem to be ironing themselves out right about now, but over the past couple of weeks I've been struggling to fine tune my parenting. Actually, the more I think about it the more I realize that it's not really as simple as fine tuning, but more like shifting parenting styles completely. As B grows up and begins testing new 'pre-adolescent' waters she (obviously) is beginning to test me as well. The talking back and grumbling that have always been a petulant part of her personality are now front and center every time I ask her to do something. When I discipline or correct her behavior she responds by furrowing her brow nearly to her chin and swatting at me and/or kicking at me while making disgruntled animal noises in her throat. I know it's all a part of her trying to assert her independence, trying to find her new place in our family since she's not the baby anymore, but I have to say it is completely shocking to hear her be so downright rebellious and rude to me. For a while I let it all slip by with maybe a stern look or a wagging finger in the air but D and I talked about it and I came to the sad realization that yes, I do have to shore up my discipline and not let her get away with being "rude to mommy."
Ah, the constantly shifting tectonics of parenthood.

On the fitness side of things there have been so many small changes over the weeks but the most tell tale sign that I'm on the right track is that the jeans that I was hoping to be able to fit into comfortably "some day" are now too big. In fact, all my jeans are too big so it looks like I'll be wearing slacks around for the rest of the winter since those are the only pants in my closet that still fit. Slacks. What a silly word.

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