Saturday, February 13, 2010

A few weeks in review

January blew by so fast that I barely had time to wallow in the post-holiday depression it so readily offers. February came storming in here in the Inland Valley and we had a couple interesting weeks of flash floods and panicked drivers.
B's earrings are now healed and can be changed out but she's pretty keen on keeping the starters in for a while longer. I think she's afraid of any additional pain changing them might bring. It's all just as well with me, the less drama in this house the better.
As I'm sure you all know by now B joined Girl Scouts at the worst perfect time! No sooner did we attend our first meeting but we were bombarded with cookie-selling information. We even went to the region's B.I.G. Expo (Believe In Girls) which is basically a cookie rally...which is basically the 5th circle of hell. But before you get the wrong idea of the kind of time we had there let me assure you that the Ontario Convention Center was where we were supposed to be that day. God's peace seriously rained down on me as we stood Literally shoulder to shoulder with thousands of others vying for a spot for our Brownies at the coveted "Cookie Pin" tables.
Here's the backstory: In order to sell cookies the Girl Scout must earn her Cookie Pin. To earn her Cookie Pin she must attend B.I.G. and complete the Cookie Circuit which consists of 10 tables: Marketing, Cookie Booth, Finances, Stranger Danger, Customer Service, etc. At the end of each table's presentation they punch a hole in the Girl Scout's punch card. When she gets all 10 punches she can get her pin.
It. Was. Misery for the girls. It was claustrophobia at it's finest. It was hot, and Everyone was at least 3 feet taller than our girls which made the possibility of losing them palpable. One of the girls had an emotional breakdown and I felt so terrible for her that I ended up carrying her around for awhile so she could pull it together.
BUT once we finished the Cookie Circuit we were free to do all the fun booths...Sandy Candy (glorified pixie stix), face painting, free smores, rock climbing wall, and the like.
After 8 hours B and I were exhausted but still had smiles on our faces. And that's the most anyone could possibly ask for in that situation. God made it abundantly clear to me that day that Girl Scouts was the absolute best place for B right now. I would highly recommend scouting to parents of onlys.

In addition to Brownies B is still swimming like a fish twice a week and loving it. She's working dilligently toward the elusive Level 4 which seems to be hovering just out of her reach. I think if she would consent to learning her flip turn they would move her up, but she refuses b/c every time she does it she gets water up her nose. So, here we are about to start Level 3 for the 5th time in a row. It's good though since D and I want her to be a very strong swimmer. She continues to improve in each session, become stronger and faster. D needs the reassurance that she's strong enough to withstand the ocean currents.

A super quick wrap up of this past week:
The 2nd graders celebrated Chinese New Year with a little festival at school. They celebrated Valentine's Day with a sweets exchange for which I baked, natch. We headed over to Disneyland so as not to miss out on their Valentine garden decorations, the white and red tulips everywhere were gorgeous! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and even though D and I don't celebrate it still remains one of my favorite holidays. I love that our local market looks like Cupid threw up all over the bakery and floral section and I love love love getting a flower delivery from my dad! It comes every year and this year was no exception, beautiful roses for me and a heart balloon for B were delivered less than an hour ago!
B and I participated in our first Cookie Booth today in front of Stater Brothers grocery store. It was a strange experience watching my baby sell cookies to strangers, but I'm so proud of her. She did really well considering the sun was scorching hot. We've another booth next weekend as well.

Side note: Flickr has been updated so go have a look-see. It's been a while.

Happy Valentines!

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