Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Beans is practically well again, D and I highly suspect seasonal allergies. She never spiked a fever, had a runny nose, or any of those other 'viral' things. She basically stuck with post nasal drip and a cough for a day and 1/2. More and more I'm seeing the fruits of eating clean. I'm going to have to go knock on every piece of wooden furniture in the house after I say this, but D and I have not been sick at all for a year. This allergy flare up is B's first illness as well. This kind of realization makes killing myself in the kitchen every night totally worth it.
OK, so I'm not exactly Iron Chef about our meals. They're all pretty simple and not very time consuming. But still, there are days when I would much rather pick up Santanas or Chipotle. But then there are the days when we all sit down at the kitchen table to a healthy, yummy meal, candles lit, and I think "I'm so glad I dragged my lazy ass to the stove tonight!"

Speaking of lazy bottoms, it's time to go rally the troops for church!

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Natalie Ensor said...

haha! You said ass and church in almost the same sentence.