Thursday, November 18, 2010

My sister and her husband are coming to visit us for the next week and they arrive today! So no complaining about the lack of blog. I'll do my best.

Today's thought: I love holiday commercials. I know that a lot of people just see them as blatant consumerism, but I see them as the warm friendly reminders from long-standing Christmas institutions like McCormick and Hallmark. I love the product jingles reconfigured with sleigh bells to inspire nostalgia. I'm one of those all-in sort of holiday lovers. When it comes to December 1 I don't want anything in front of my eyes unless it's decked in tinsel or lights. In fact, I love holiday commercials so much, that as Christmas gets closer and closer I start to get angry with any commercial that dares to air without a hint of holiday spirit. C'mon, you can't even put a graphic red bow on the product name at the end of the commercial? Non-holiday flavored commercials should be outlawed until January 2.

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