Friday, November 05, 2010


Here's for yesterday. And the reason why I did not have even a second to blog. Thursdays are insanenutsycoocoocrazy.

After work I pre-prepare dinner. Since we don't roll in until 6:30 on Thursday nights I have to make sure that dinner is practically ready to eat when we get home. After prepping dinner I began to sew -and sew and sew- patches on B's vest and jacket. Many sewing machine hyjinks ensued wherein thread was breaking, bobbins were tangling and needles were breaking (first time ever for that). Then it's time to pick up B. Come home, do homework while trying to finish the vest. That's not happening so I shelve the project for after dinner. Time to go to Brownies. Drop B off and it's time-sweet-time for Starbucks and two hours of reading time. (I ran out of the house so fast I forgot my laptop, therefore no blogging.) Then time to pick her up and head home to make dinner. Eat, get B ready for bed, commence sewing. I sewed until bedtime. No blogging. Have some pictures of my excuse.

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