Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Great Piano Experiment

B has been asking for piano lessons off and on for two years, so D and I finally bit the bullet (expensive little buggers, piano lessons) and signed her up with a private teacher. Today was her first lesson and when we got in the car to leave her first words were "Why did you sign me up for this? It was horrifying." Of course I leapt into damage control mode, stayed completely calm and talked over her problem on the way home. It seemed as though this was going to be something we'd just have to "get through." That is, until Super Daddy stepped in.
I just took one look at the homework the piano teacher had written down and almost had a panic attack. This on top of school work, reading contest, chess club, Girl Scouts, making sure she eats her broccoli and takes at least a shower a week? No way, it wasn't going to happen, and my nerves were shot just thinking about it. At my bleary eyed entreaty D easily consented to work with B every day for 30 minutes (the recommended practice time). "If anyone can turn her attitude towards piano around, it's D," I thought.
Sure enough, about 15 minutes into practicing her warm-up, I begin hearing light-hearted laughter coming from her room. At the end of her practice time she was eager and excited to show me how strong she had gotten at the warm-up. Smiling from ear to ear she finished, then turned to giggle at me. What relief flooded my heart! I know it will still be an uphill battle to get her used to her piano teacher and the "language" of piano, but what D just did tonight was lift away a huge road block from B's path and I'm so thankful.


DawnaHartman said...

chess club?! that girl is jam packed w/stuff. i love it though. i'd love to do the same.
it warms my heart thinking about daddy-daughter time :)
neil's will consist of trying to get our daughter into street fighter. great.

Mellie said...

That Dad image conveys it all.