Friday, May 06, 2011


So many of my friends are moms now, I can hardly believe it. I used to belong to an exclusive club of one, and now everyone I know has babies! Watching my wonderful girlfriends raise children of their own has been a surreal experience. I have the privilege of getting to see some of the kids grow up first hand, and some, regrettably, I watch from afar...mostly over Facebook and blogs. My heart belongs to all those gorgeous kiddos, though, being nurtured and nursed, rocked and coddled by these women I've grown to love. From what I can see, ladies, you're doing an amazing job bringing these little people up to be independent, artistic, open minded, loving men and women. And honestly, even in the midst of nursing pads and poopy diapers, you have to know deep in your heart that that's what really matters. I love you all so much.

Happy Mother's Day.


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