Monday, July 04, 2011

Maid Simple: Refresh Your Berries

Here's a little tip I picked up while staying with my mom in Pennsylvania: Dunk your produce in cool water if it needs a little "reviving."
Mom would routinely soak veggies and fruits in a bowl of cool filtered water before she cut them up to give them back their crunch, color, and general joie de vivre. (Can strawberries have joie de vivre? I like to imagine they do.) She would bring in garden radishes, a little bendy from being in the sun, dunk them in water and viola! the crunch would return. She took a pint of sad little strawberries that looked like they were at the end of their life and miraculously restored them to berry-patch brightness with a quick 5 minute soak.
So next time you come across some wilted lettuces or shriveled blueberries don't toss them! Soak them!

Happy Independence Day!

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