Friday, April 27, 2012

Maid Simple: I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Hey ya'll, do I have a product for you today! (No, it's not Snake Oil. Why do you ask?) It's a product that's kind of specific to women who have long and/or very thick hair, but it would probably benefit every woman in the long run. Microfiber has been showing up everywhere lately, so I wasn't surprised on a recent trip to Target when I saw this in the beauty aisle.
Not surprised, but very curious. It normally takes me 15 minutes to blow dry my hair. I'm not talking blow dry and style, here. That adds another 15-20 minutes. Just to simply get my hair dry after a shower takes 15 long annoying minutes, so any promise of a product that will cut that time in half is a risk I'm willing to take. And this risk only cost me $12! Lo and behold, the promise was true! The microfiber "bristles" actually do soak up the water from my hair, resulting in a much faster blow dry. The icing on the cake? The microfiber is also antimicrobial. So if you're a mild germ-o-phobe, that's great news. It means that the brush won't harbor bacteria or mildew. It also comes with washing instructions, but I haven't had to wash mine yet and I've been using it almost every day for a month. Bottom line: this will make you hate blow drying less. For that reason alone I would purchase this product again.


Natalie Ensor said...

Buying one today. no joke, I'm venturing out of the house just to get this.

Recreation Station said...

Best tip ever! Thank you for sharing! I dread summer for this very reason. Blowing hot air at my head for 15 minutes when I'm already sweating is pretty much the worst. I can't wait to try this!


Michele Perez said...

Sweet! I so need this. Blow drying is also a pet peeve for me too! UGH!!