Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Dance Shoes On

I am officially signed up for Dance 127 at my local community college. Wow. I never thought I would be a student again but I have to admit that it's a small price to pay to get quality dance training at an affordable price. (was that a commercial for car insurance I just quoted?)
Three classes into the new semester and I've already pulled a leg muscle. If anyone in that class ever had any doubt who the oldest student was they only had to look over in the corner during tuesday's class at the sad sack with the ice pack on her leg. How embarassing for the married 28-year-old who hasn't danced in 2 years. I seriously have to step up my game at tonight's class if I want to catch up to those damned 18-year-olds....but there's to be absolutely NO competition in the class according to the instructor. Everyone's on a level playing field, we're all here to have a good time. Yeah right. What was I thinking? There's no way I can [not] compete against girls with lithe bodies who have all the grace and poise that belongs to a 20-year-old. Good grief. I fought tooth and nail to be let into the class, bought new dance shoes and walked into the studio with my head held high; came home that night, collapsed on my bed and had to use my arms to move my legs in the morning. Nothing like fierce one-sided competition to make a woman feel like a girl again.

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