Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coochi Coochi!

I'm thinking of adding Carmen Miranda to my conservative list of freakish celebrities that have captured my heart. She'll have a place of honor next to Richard Simmons and Little Richard. Anyone who can make a career from wearing fruit and having great legs is a genius in my book. Aparently this is all stemming from this Sergio Mendes song we are dancing to in class right now...I've never really thought much of Latin dance other than wishing I had the opportunity to do it (on So You Think You Can Dance, but that's another story entirely) and now I finally have the chance to shake it! So excited.
I'm also very excited about these new pretzels I discovered. They're flat (imagine, a flat pretzel!) and full of delicious sea salt. Good golly are they ever tasty.
In other news it's freezing here and I love it. Everything I miss about the East Coast can be summed up in two days of 40 degree temperatures here which is quite the fair trade if you ask me. My daily dress consists of yoga pants and a tank top and when it gets cold like this all I need is slippers to take the edge off. Sweet sweet california lifestyle.

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