Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Publicity Director Extraordinaire At Your Service

Facedown Fest and the chaos and destruction that surrounded it is officially over and it feels as though I'm slowly waking from a bizzarely frightening yet exhilarating dream. The weekend was nothing I dreaded nor quite looked forward to but now that it's over I'm finding that I'm reaping the benefits of my bravery and composure.
I certainly wouldn't have chosen this profession for myself as it involves the three things that I fear most in life: regularly meeting new people, dealing with those who have the authority and ability to make or break my career and socializing. Honestly I'm amazed I haven't confined myself to a cave in the mountains or a hut in the forest at age 28. I can say with certainty that I am a better person for having survived a weekend that began with a car accident and culminated with three days of nothing but small talk and running around like a headless chicken trying to match up writers with band members for interviews. I have that residual Superman-type of feeling one gets after one has completed a task that at first seemed impossibly terrifying. Suddenly other events in my life seem less intimidating and I find myself marvelling at the largess of the leap I took this past weekend. I also can't help but pat myself on the back for the lack of obsessing and worrying I did over the social aspect of the tasks though I have to admit I am still rather stunned at my self-composure in the face of so many new faces. You can be certain, however, that old habits do indeed die hard as there were a few situations in which I was so uncomfortable I'm afraid my fear may well have been written out in black marker across my forehead: "I DONT KNOW WHAT I'M DOING".
Oh yes, I mustn't forget to address the car accident issue briefly. It happened when Dave was on his way home from work to pick me up for the first night of the fest. He was broadsided on the passenger side of the car (our dear sweet Bleu Belle) while driving just blocks from out house. Completely the fault of a little old man from Sun City Blvd in Sun City who apparently was pulling out of a supermarket parking lot and checking the sky to see if there was any oncoming traffic. Belle has some really ugly body damage and now whistles when she's pressed beyond 50mph but it looks as though everything will work out in our favor since the 80 year old with the 'really good insurance' promised not to contest his fault in the accident. be continued.

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