Tuesday, October 23, 2007

4pm part 2

We just got an email from Jason. He's driving back to Fallbrook as we speak with one of his neighbors to check on the houses. Believe it or not there have been reports of looting. He said he's on the 15 headed south right now and it looks "BAD". These are the pictures I took at 2pm from Menifee looking south.
I just saw on the news that "there are no evacuations in the city of Temecula at this time. The smoke from the fires is making those fires appear closer than they are." This is such a relief because, as you can see in the second to last photo, that plume is from the Temecula area and is new as of 8am this morning.
The fire in Fallbrook is being called the Rice Fire, just so everyone knows. They call the fires by their point of origin so if you're searching or listening for news on the Fallbrook fires it will be referred to as the Rice Fire. The Temecula fires are being called the Rosa Fire and the Poochama Fire.
The last picture I posted in this blog is looking south toward Temecula/Fallbrook/San Diego from in front of our house.

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