Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Situation 9AM Tuesday

There was a mandatory evac last night for all of Fallbrook (45,000 residents). J & V are safe here in Menifee. Their house is fine and last I heard at 7AM "the town of Fallbrook and houses to the west of the town" are not in danger. According to the weather reports today will be the last of the bad winds but the temperatures are going to be very high and the humidity very low. As long as the winds die down by this evening the fires should start to be contained. A new fire started in Temecula last night which is only 20 miles from our house. I haven't heard any details at all (firestorm coverage for North County in San Diego, or really anywhere south of LA County is almost non-existent here) but I'm assuming it was a small fire ignited by an ember and is probably out by now.
From our house if we look north the sky is gray with the LA County fires; if we look South it's very dark gray with the San Diego County fires. This is definitely serious business but with the winds failing the fires should be contained by the end of the week and completely out by the end of the month.

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