Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Situation 12PM Tuesday

There are two separate wild fires burning rapidly in Temecula at this hour. They are both about 50% contained. We can see a large plume of smoke from the edge of our neighborhood that is about 25 miles away. Still no immediate danger for us. San Diego North and South Counties are consummed at this time. People are still fleeing due to mandatory evacs. A friend of mine heard from her friends via cell phone an hour ago who live in Valley View (I think that's the name). They were calling from "the top of a hill" because that was the only place where they could breath because of the thick smoke. They are now on their way up to Menifee. The winds in South County San Diego have gotten worse and the fires burning there have no containment.

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bananie said...

this is so scary. thank you for the updates.