Tuesday, January 15, 2008

one night in vegas

The drive up was awesome. Once we were out of San Bernardino traffic it was smooth sailing and Dave and I just listened to music and talked and talked like we haven't been able to conversate in months. It was amazing to have whole conversations with no broken trains of thought because we just realized that Bea's been saying "Mommy, mama, ma, mom, mommy, ma" for the past 5 minutes.
Once we got there we dressed up and went to dinner at the MGM Grand Buffet. Not the greatest food I've ever eaten but the experience was great. I enjoyed trying things I'd otherwise never pay for in other restaurants...case in point: crab cakes with horseradish sauce. Nasty. One bite and it went on the "out" plate. Dessert was mostly the same way. One bite of this, one bite of that...so wasteful, but so fun!
Then we walked the strip for hours, visiting hotel casinos and stores. Everything was amazing but if it all disappeared and Davey and I were left standing in the middle of nothing I'd have been just as happy. Just to be with him and have his arm around me without a little girl in between us was so worth the 4 hour drive!

Trying on hats at the Las Vegas Urban Outfitter

In front of the Parisian

At the Coca-Cola store

So much candy at the M&M store even Dave's having a hard time taking it in

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bananie said...

i'm so happy you got a break.
loving these photographic picture shots. so much.

but now you owe me lots of email.