Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ilene made me do this.

Congratulations to Ilene Marshall (nee Ravich) who just became a Blogger! The only down side to this is that she added me as a link on her page and in my terror upon finding out, I ran over here to update what has become a terribly neglected little bloggette.
In an effort to re-light the fire under kenny bloggins here is a quick update:

Bea had her Spring Program and made her debut as "Flag 2".

Easter still reigns supreme as the ultimate Nantroup get together.

Facedown Fest was a huge success.

Fondue dinner with New York Bill was decadent and totally gluttonous.

Neil and Dawna are another year older and no worse for the wear; turns out Dawna is a die-hard Skee Baller!

The 4th annual May Erie Trek is coming up on Tuesday, checked the weather, it's supposed to rain the entire time. Must remember to bring many books. So much for passing the days by laying on the beach.


Anne Bradshaw said...

I found your blog through the 'Writing' tab on my profile.

Yesterday, I posted something that might interest writers everywhere. I blogged about David Wolverton/Farland (nationally renowned Sci-Fi and Fantasy author—think Star Wars books) and his free daily writing lessons and tips by email.

This man is super talented, and his totally free advice is for writers of all genres, at all stages of their careers.

Hope you don’t mind me letting you know this, but I’m so impressed with David’s generosity and willingness to help improve world writing skills, that I wanted to share with as many writers as possible.

I’ve been scribbling for over 20 years and am still learning plenty.

ohchicken said...

wait. a may trip on tuesday? like the 22nd? and you hoped to lay by the beach? hahahaha you've been away for too long.

bring your galoshes. and ski mask.
(but don't go scare my mother with the ski mask.)

Wonder Woman said...

Didn't mean to put pressure on you! But I do admit that I love reading yours, as well as my other friends' fascinating!