Friday, April 18, 2008

Today there is a bird outside the office window who is just singing his little heart out. I believe it's a 'him' because he is showing off every call he knows how to do which leads me to believe he may be calling for a mate. It's so sweet though, and it just makes me giggle to hear him go on and on with his twitters and gurgles. Today is beautiful. If I could choose my ultimate weather this would be it. Sunny, breezy, warm with just a hint of the cold breeze from the San Bernardinos which still have some lingering white caps.
Lots of things to cross of my list today in preparation for our trip to Erie on Tuesday. So much to do. Bachelor Birdie out there has inspired me though to not focus too much on the logistics of my day and just work at a task until it's complete. He's not being noisy anymore; I wonder if he's found an eligible bachelorette?

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