Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dreaming of me

So last night's dream was fantastic. I was dancing for a small audience and every move I made was flawless. There were quite a few leaps and gymnastic moves involved as well, all of which where precise and effortless. Probably one of the best dancing dreams I've ever had. The audience didn't seem very impressed by my moves but in my dream-heart I knew it was important that I keep dancing. And anyway, my moves impressed ME!

Later in the dream I looked out a window to see my 6 year old brother (now 24) carrying a half-living deer carcass across the lawn. I looked to the right just in time to see a huge black bird take to flight carrying a bow and arrow on his wing.

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DawnaHartman said...

What is up with these intense dreams Shannon! I haven't met anyone who has detailed dreams like that... except me. Every morning I replay them - and they're always sooo detailed it scares me.

Those last 2 posts were awesome. We should create a "dream blog".