Tuesday, September 02, 2008

2 days

And I know it's going to be SO anti-climactic. Today a friend shared this with me:

You're right - time will do its thing regardless of us. We can, however, alter how we utilize it. From an objective viewpoint, you seem to be utilizing it positively and productively. I've found that women tend to be more neurotic about their 30s than men. I personally don't mind my age (30). I think that in society, it's not bad to be an older man. There's a certain status/respect that older men get. Women don't have it like that b/c they have biological clocks and issues re: looks that men don't have as much (except for balding and impotence). Personally, I like it that the women in my life are aging, maturing, and gaining knowledge. I have always looked to women for wisdom, and that only comes with age. Enjoy your 30th, and I'm glad that you're coming to terms with it.

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