Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hooray for better days!

Woke up cranky...or as my mom would say with "something in my craw." Dave was a zombie this morning and I think between the two of us we were sharing about 5 alive and alert brain cells. So we decided to take a stand against the dawn of another bad day. We made the bed, freshened up, put on real clothes instead of pajamas and at least one of us put on a face full of makeup. Then we started our day with vintage Cure and two bowls of steaming hot Irish Porridge. Then we prayed for better attitudes, positive outlooks and the grace and strength to accept this day for whatever it might bring. Five hours in we are going strong, cracking jokes and loving each other well instead of poking each other in the eyes with sharp sticks (metaphorically, of course). Thanking God for His constancy and even temperament, even when I'm headstrong and ornery.


ohchicken said...

you totally forgot to add that a photo of jude made it all better.

maybe it was god's constancy through a cute baby in a stripey milk burglar outfit?

amy said...

im so jealous you'll have pretty white snow for christmas!
its supposed to be 80 here tomorrow and humid .... i kinda miss seasons!