Monday, January 19, 2009

My stream of consciousness today is continually interrupted by a nagging worry...not something I want to blog, but a nag nonetheless.
Began week 2 of training today. By the end of the week I should notice a difference in the way my clothes fit, and then I have to make another appointment with Travis to up the ante. So far so good. A nice start to the week, too, since it was cool and gray this morning. Dave and I made a Starbucks run which we usually only do on Friday, but it felt like a Starbuck kind of day. Watched Seven Pounds last night...tragic. Went to bed weepy. Woke up better...saw the roses on the kitchen table that Dave brought home the other day and felt more grounded. Productive work day helps. Back to the gym tonight for Zumba which always seems to be a mood-enhancer. Lasagna for dinner. La Vie en Rose with Dave. Not a bad Monday...not bad at all.

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