Sunday, January 18, 2009


On Friday Dave went to and made the final payment on my student loan. Suck it American Education System. Suck it. You'll be getting no more of my hard earned money and in fact, you've been KO'd 10 years early. Our last and final debt is Sally Mae (Dave's loan) and should be paid off in Feb 2010...unless we totally kill it in 09 which is entirely possible.
I've been celebrating quietly in my head all weekend about our huge win feeling like the 15,000 pound weight our family has been dragging around since 2000 has finally been severed. Best. Year. Ever.


Wonder Woman said...

How I envy you! Sallie Mae and Nelnet own my two loans and I cannot wait until those are long gone. We were making 4X payments when we were in CA, but since the move we've had to put that on hold. Enjoy your financial hard-won freedom. Congrats!

karoline said...

Way to go! I can't even begin to imagine how THAT feels. I hope you and Dave are able to get his out of the way this year...double whammy! I've still got about four more years left on mine, but possibly only two if I go back to FTE after the babe arrives. Decisions, decisions.