Saturday, July 04, 2009

day 3

The day in bullet points: (because my eyes are really burning)

one emotional second wedding
dozens of bottle rockets launched out of a pvc bazooka
one large helping of sausage and peppers polish style
one very awkward conversation with a "how you doin'" type of 51 year old
one grandmother-does-jello-shot photo op
two walks on the bluff with davey
one true blue sky over a sparkling lake
one Brig Niagara sighting on the bay
two cream filled choco cupcakes
one well-behaved sweetheart of a 6 year old
two perfect uncle bear hugs
two sort of 'new aunt' hugs (in a good way)
one having to drive back for a forgotten purse
one hot dog with mustard at quiggle headquarters
three spoonfuls of ambrosia
one hilariously suggestive 'fireworks' joke by gram and pap
one drive by our old house
24 wolf pack sparklers
9 chairs on dan and carly's front lawn
one decent fireworks display
many cups of coffee
3 swedish fish
5 "see you tomorrow"s
one sleeping father
6 creaky steps
one comfy bed

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ohchicken said...

one happy bananie.