Friday, July 03, 2009

day 2

Day 2 of vacation shaped up to be another feel-good day. A glorious morning run through a wet, green cemetery and a late steak and eggs brunch with mom and dad fed right into accidental hang time with the Hartmans. We toured their new home (first home!) and talked finance for awhile before realizing it was just about dinner time and we were all pretty hungry. A quick jaunt over to McGarry's Pub for lunch then Dave and I picked up Bea and headed to Quiggle Headquarters for a bonfire and s'mores. We were almost rained out but after 3 bouts of downpour and frantic running for the house the rain finally let up and we were able to sit around the fire as a completely whole family: davey, me and bea, dan and carly, grace and tj, joel and meagan and dave and debbie...familiar conversation punctuated by neighborhood fire works, flaming marshmallows and B's 'hilarious' knock-knock jokes.
One sad side-effect of the traveling and climate change is that B has come down with a hacking cough and runny nose. My biggest fear is always that her small illness will turn into something major like pneumonia or bronchitis...which has never yet happened. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible that my feelings about her being sick are so much worse than how she's actually feeling. When I listen to her coughing in her sleep my stomach knots and my eyes fill with tears and I silently chastise myself for everything I let her do today that could possibly have exacerbated her condition. It's only natural, right?
Tomorrow we'll be making our way east to the Goat Festival, weather and cough permitting. In the mid-afternoon is my uncle Kenny and Pam's wedding. Another day packed with family, and this is the way it should be.

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