Monday, July 06, 2009

day 5

Today started with breakfast on the Quiggles' deck. The weather was beautiful even though I did have to move into a bit more shade before attempting to eat my oatmeal. After breakfast we watched some old family movies and laid around like slugs. After the movies I split for my a.m. run which was phenomenal. It was sunny with a cool breeze, perfect weather for running. When I got back to my parents' house my dad was doing yard work and I could smell fresh cut grass. sigh.

I talked to my best girl Nattie for the first time since we arrived in Erie and it made me miss home. Apparently little miss E has begun rolling over in earnest which is yet another step out of babyhood.

We were invited to a bbq at the Hartmans' with many friends and even more burgers. Seriously, Neil's cheeseburgers are FAR superior to any I've ever had. I got to hang with Erin who I haven't seen in a while as well as Autumn and new baby Emma and big boy Owen. Good times.

Now I'm chilling watching CSI Miami, my brother just stopped by to do his laundry, and mom just left for a walk with Emily (the leggy blonde labrador). Dave's having a basketball rematch with his dad and brothers and we're meeting up for Pizza Plus dinner in a bit. My taste for Pizza Plus pizza is definitely not matched to the Quiggles' but meals with them are so much more than food. The conversation is some of the best and funniest.

My Bean is not exactly being sweet to me these past two days. I'm not sure if she's just overloaded or if she doesn't want me around while she's bonding with family, but whatever the reason is it hurts. I can tell she's more interested in her other family than she is in me, which is actually a lucky thing since I'm leaving in two days, but it's distressing. I was already feeling the pangs of leaving her (extra early this time) so her attitude of late makes me extra sad. This year it's harder than ever to leave her here. Dave says it will probably only get harder as the years go on. I feel sick thinking about it. I guess I'll just have to sublimate with a lot of shopping, brc's, and time with Tiny E.

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ohchicken said...

you are stopping in austin on your way back, right?