Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello again.

Rather than launching you into Excuse Land with all the reasons why I haven't blogged in 2 fortnights, let's just eschew the figurative chocolately cookies for the double-stuffing that's inside, shall we?

July flew by Way too fast but was also a major contributing factor in what I have dubbed the Best Summer Ever. We had a great Erie visit complete with pouring rain bonfire night and wedding on the lake. D and I took off back to California leaving B to enjoy the fruits of being the only grandchild on both sides of the family. Once home we took full advantage of being sans child and jetted off to the Central Coast and San Luis Obispo where we stayed at the famous Madonna Inn (as seen on Girls Next Door, tee hee). We also went to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle for the second time. It is one of our most favorite places to visit and pretend we live. The whole time we were vacationing on the coast we liked to play at being 'rich' by dressing up lots and lounging by the Inn's infinity pool for hours on end. It was all so restful that we tried to stay an extra night but found our room (The Austrian Suite) booked up, so we sucked it up and headed home.

Bea was returned to us via D's parents who then stayed with us for about a week. The weather was hot and ripe for hanging by the pool daily as well as a trip to La Jolla and the antique mall in Temecula. It was sad to see them go but while they were here we decided that this year we would spend the Thanksgiving holiday (my favorite, until a few years ago) with Grace and TJ in Mississippi! 2009 will be the year T-giving rockets back to the top of the favorite holiday list! I'm expecting deep fried turkey, cheesy grits, dressing, Sun Records, and Graceland. But I'll settle for playing board games for 3 nights with the Quiggles and Lantzes!

Also on the recent agenda, Bea started 2nd grade. And since it's the end of the 2nd week and she hasn't broken any bones, we're already doing better than 1st grade. Not to mention the fact that her teacher has already acknowledged her as 'smart as a whip' and a good fit for her accelerated "Braniacs" program. Sweet.

Bea also just got her hair cut today. First time we've ever cut it more than a few inches. It's drastic and I almost vomited up my Iced Chai while it was happening but the outcome is just adorable and so well suited to her long neck and little cute face!

The sad news of the summer is that we will someday soon be parting ways with the Ensors. They have put their house on the market and the days of Quigsor are now numbered. That's all I care to say about that.

Just so I end on a pleasant note I'd like to make no bones about the fact that my birthday is in 2 weeks. I will be 31 this year with no fanfare, fireworks, or surprise trips to San Francisco and that sits very well with me. For all the bellyaching I did about turning 30, I'm pleased as punch to be officially entering my 30s. My life is not exactly as I thought it would be at 30, it's so much better! I am continually amazed at what God provides for us and allows us to have. The blessings he heaps upon us are astounding.

Well, I feel like I've filled in the blog-hole from the past 7 weeks, now perhaps I will be able to get back on the blog train. The one that runs each day, not the one that runs every other month.

ps. photos to accompany this blog available at my flickr account. thankyou.

the hair cut


DawnaHartman said...

Well hello there MIA. Beings that this is my only way into your world, I have been literally hunting for new posts for WEEKS now. :)
Bea's hair is tooo cute for words, I love it.

PS. Why am I bobbing my head to Miley Cyrus' new song...? "yeeeaaaahhh! There's a party in the USA..."

jack's mommy said...

i almost swallowed my cheese stick whole when i saw this post!!! days dragged by without any new posts!
so happy youre back!!!
bea is so gorgeous - i didnt think she could get any cuter! but look at her mommy!

Micah Ensor said...

Not to be Mr. Correct all the time but Memphis (Sun Studios, Graceland) is actually in Tennessee.

happiestgirl said...

Micah we live about 15 minutes from the memphis City limits! (Ms is muuuch cheaper to live in!)