Saturday, April 03, 2010


Today is moving day for the E's. I thought I'd have a meltdown if I saw the moving truck, but honestly it just seems like a very natural part of the process. We all hung out last night in the Cartoon Room until about midnight with Sean who's visiting. M & N gave us a thank you card with the promise of meeting us in July at the Madonna Inn...and a gift card FOR the Madonna Inn. An amazing, thoughtful gift from amazingly thoughtful friends. I can honestly say that I've never had such faithful friends. For five years, better and worse, Dave Ramsey-budgety-lean times, pregnancy, sickness, was practically like a marriage! How many times we talked about building an enclosed walkway between the houses and having an East wing and a West wing! So many celebratory dinners! So many pie and coffee nights! Nat's 'Office' theme song dance and the Cakesters falling asleep on every movie night! Oh, it feels so good to revel in the memories. God's grace is good, because just a few days ago I would not have been able to write this without melting down. Now I can see the past five years for exactly what they were; a God-given friendship that will absolutely weather the years.


jmosizzle said...

so sweet shannon!

Bill said...

Geez, even I feel like I'm losing something :(

Bill Meis said...

Geez even I feel like I'm losing something :(