Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh so very Veterinary.

Our very best Buddy.

This little Mister is 10 years old. And, aside from his hearing, he seems to be in very good health. But his hearing, oh! his hearing. A couple months ago we started noticing that Smashy wasn't greeting us at the door like he usually does. We just figured he was old and tired and didn't feel like getting out of his bed every time we came through the door. But then we started noticing that he wasn't responding as well to other things like kissing noises or snapping. Eventually he ceased hearing us altogether. No mention of treats or rides or walks gets any response from him these days. That is, unless we get right down next to his furry little ear and say it. So his hearing is going south. We're not sure if it's age or an infection or a foxtail so I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow morning.

Lemme just digress a moment and tell you straight out: it's one thing to have a dog that doesn't respond to your commands because he can't hear you, but it's another thing entirely to have a 7 year old in the same boat. That's right folks, B's been missing a substantial amount of her hearing as well for the last few weeks. What started as seasonal allergies turned into congestion, turned into an ear infection, turned into blocked eustachion tubes and temporary hearing loss. I'm not alarmed because this has happened before and her pediatrician basically told me there's nothing that can be done except to wait it out for anywhere from 6-12 weeks. It's an agonizing 12 weeks, folks. I keep thinking "If I have to repeat myself one more time I'm going to run screaming out the front door and never come back." But the truth is that I just have to keep telling myself that it's only temporary and I can endure the frustration for another day.

What's sad is that our beloved Buddy D. may not be so lucky. The implication that his hearing loss may well be due to age has got me thinking the unthinkable...the one thing that pet lovers around the nation try really really hard not to think about. You know what I mean, don't make me say it out loud. Buddy has been with us for 10 years and the thought of his mortality is unimaginable! He has slowly but surely been showing signs of what D and I are calling "Old Gross Dog." He's losing small patches of fur on his elbows and knees, his back teeth are yellow and brown, he has a thousand new liver spots on his belly, and his breath is grotesque. Soon he'll be losing control of his bladder to the tune of $99 monthly carpet cleanings.
All this just to say that he's my buddy. My little Mister. And I'll still cuddle up to him no matter how OGD he gets. But I'm hoping above all hopes that he gets his hearing back. I need somebody around here to start answering me when I call before I go completely batshit crazy.


Natalie Ensor said...

seriously, tears. Oh buddy you're breaking my heart.

jack's mommy said...

NO!NO!NO!NO!NO! i remember when smashface was just a wee little smashy!.... no smashy! i know you can hear me all the way in CA saying "i love you"

Micah Ensor said...

Well if things go south with BD (Buddy D) I've got a DB (DBAG) that will be happy to take his spot.

No but seriously that is sad! but seriously I've got a replacement for you waiting in the wings.