Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mommy's first Teacher Appreciation Day

This year I teamed up with Jonas' mom, April to take care of honoring our kids' wonderful teacher on Teacher Appreciation Day. I have been known to obsess over a detail or two, especially when it comes to surprises and gifts, but I am not as well known for my creative ideas. Fortunately, April is the supreme idea gal and she came up with some super fun ways to show our teacher how much we care about her. From the moment I signed on for this project I knew it would be very time (and money) consuming, and I was right. D thinks I've gone a little overboard (and to his credit he's really been a great sport about the whole thing, and very helpful), but I say if you're going to do something, you might as well do it right. Even if it does completely consume all your free time for 2 weeks. Personally I think it was well worth it. See for yourself.

We had all the kids write "Things I Like About My Teacher" on die cut hands and then I strung them together.

With parent donations we were able to put together a jam-packed personalized tote bag full of classroom supplies and a very nice spa gift card!

April and the kids wrote sweet things on the sidewalk outside the classroom door.

We hung a thank you banner and the hands on the classroom window.

I made enchiladas and key lime pies for the teachers' "Mexican Fiesta" luncheon.

We brought cookies, cupcakes, pop corn, and the all-important Capri Sun along with blankets and had an afternoon picnic with the kids.

The kids really enjoyed the picnic. I asked them to wear purple since it happens to be teacher's favorite color.

What an amazing teacher! B was so lucky to have her this year!


mama k said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS. SEVERAL EXCLAMATION POINTS. This is fantastic, Shannon! I can't believe everything you were able to accomplish in this undertaking. I bow to you. The hands! The pies! The tote bag! The cookies! The kids wearing purple! The writing on the sidewalk! What a feat! I can only hope to someday participate in something as giving and rewarding as this for one of Maggie's (hopefully) teachers. Kudos, kudos, kudos to you!

jennifer said...

I want to be B's teacher. Seriously just send me a little bit of all that stuff.