Sunday, May 09, 2010

I was going to write a quick blog about how I've been baking my way through a new cookbook, making daily snacks for B's class as they take their standardized tests. But then I read an entry on a blog I subscribe to about how to empathize with a woman who loses a child, written by a woman who lost a baby over two years ago. It really made me stop and think about all the women I know who have lost their children. So many. And how, on this Mother's Day, their hearts must ache for the child they never knew, or the child they knew so well. I've often thought of these women on different occasions, and I've let my heart ache for them. But I've never let myself really feel what it might be like to be them because it's foreign and frankly horrifying. Tonight I can't help but weep for their broken hearts, for the grief that's locked up there and will always be a part of them.

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