Monday, November 08, 2010

Another "banner" day

Ran 3 miles and felt great, but then weights kicked my butt to headache land where I've been residing since. I still managed to make B's birthday banner, cut out 30 construction paper fish, and shop for the remainder of party supplies. And make a healthy dinner and clean up after myself. Oh, and work out a Thanksgiving menu. :)
Here's a peek at B's birthday banner. I've made three such banners in about two years and this one was by far the fastest. It usually takes me about a week working a little each day, but this one I did in about 2 hours.

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Natalie Ensor said...

aww and to think those other two marvelous banners were for my Pearl!!! Also, still coping with the fact that I won't be there for this momentous event you must take many pictures and blog with few words and mostly pictures!