Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How many times

do you have to teach a child the same lesson? Someone please tell me because I'm starting to lose my mind, and at least if I know there's an end in sight I might be able to hold on. We've been going around in circles with B about "listening the first time" for like 2 years now. It's just not catching on. At all. Tonight I must have said "Go get in bed" about 9 times. And on the 10th time I lost my patience and went bananas raising my voice and gesticulating wildly. Which led to a defiant and embarrassed tantrum from B. Which led to me saying loudly "Well, now I'm just mad!" Which led to tears from B. Which led to her throwing things from her room into the hallway. Eventually she quieted down for a few minutes, and then she came out and angrily handed me a note. Which I didn't read and later found shredded in the trash...after she had apologized for her behavior. "I didn't remember that daddy talked to me about that." "That" being "listen to mommy the first time she asks you to do something."

It's so hard to not want to just grab the child and shake her when she says something like that. I'm at the end of my rope with this. Every single time I ask her to do something ("Please feed the dog, Bea." "Time to brush your teeth, honey." "Go take a quick shower before dinner.") I get: " I HAVE to? I just did that yesterday. Oh man! Now? Can't I do it later? Why do I have to?"


*deep breath* help me.

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