Sunday, November 21, 2010


Just a quick note before we have to get ready for church. Yesterday was a blast and a half. We sat around the kitchen table in jammies all morning long drinking coffee and eating breakfast and girl scout "fall product." Then we set off for Victoria Gardens which is an outdoor shopping mall, sadly it was raining when we got there but stopped soon after. We only got *this* wet. Dinner at Lucilles BBQ, much hilarious conversation, and we all realized that when it comes to the four of us, Dave and Grace (surprise) are prone to lengthy tangents usually only funny to the two of them, while TJ and I are left in their dust still talking about the original conversation, waiting for them to rejoin us.

You know how with some family you have this incredibly palpable, tenuous relationship where you calculate everything you're going to say in your head before it comes out of your mouth just to be safe? That's so totally not this relationship. We're rapid fire wit and jokes and funny stories and anecdotes (usually courtesy of TJ). Trust me, you want us at your parties. :)

Anyway, today is church and grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and later we're putting up Christmas!!! *swoon*

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Natalie Ensor said...

Yes I do want you guys at my parties , which is why I can't wait for Thanksgiving!