Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I can has Texas hold 'em?

Hi! Guess what? I learned how to play Texas hold 'em last night. It was hilarious. Did I already tell you guys that everything we do with Grace and TJ is hilarious? I don't know why, it just is. Like, almost peed my pants kind of funny. Like, embarrassing snort kind of funny. Anyway, I really like the game but unfortunately I super-suck at it. I kept hearing comments like "Don't worry, you're not doing worse than Shannon."

Here's what happened: D quickly became known as "Fold-amort" for his swift retreat when faced with a raise of any kind. TJ's early nickname was Bluffer-nutter, but it soon became apparent that not only was he a good bluff, but pretty much a way better player than either D or I. Near the middle of our 5 hour poker tournament the boys starting calling Grace 'Scrooge McDuck' because of the massive pile of money she had collected. Meanwhile, yours truly was still stinking up the joint. Staying alive, but losing pennies and nickels at an alarming rate. About 3 hours in I decided the only way to the play the game was by bluffing my brains out. So I did and approximately 30 minutes later I was out. From that point on the battle was basically between the boys and their "armies" of pennies and nickels. TJ turned his monies into a full-on mural of a king with a crown and big bushy beard while D had built a one-dimmensional empire state building with his winnings. I honestly can't remember who won...

I have such a beautiful family!

TJ explaining Texas hold 'em

About halfway through the "tournament." See TJ's nickel crown already taking shape back there?

Guess who fell asleep with Buddy D next to the Christmas tree?

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