Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Oh my word, did my husband and daughter look everly so handsome for their first dance! I'll give you the basics and then let you enjoy the photos. The Girls Scouts of San Gorgonio County organized a dance for all the troops in the county and their daddies. They called it "My Guy and I" and for obvious reasons I refused to call it that, hence "Daddy/Daughter." It was a formal/not formal dance and the perfect excuse to buy B her first formal dress from Macy's. Ah, the experience! Somehow Grace turned B from cranky into excited at the prospect of trying on beautiful dresses and when we got to the store Bea traipsed all over the department pointing at gowns. "I like the color of that one!" "Oh, mommy! Look at this one!"
We took about 15 dresses into the fitting room and narrowed it down to three. Below is the winner on my grown up little girl!


DawnaH said...

My heart is melting.
I love her dress! And her and Davey look so great!!!!

Asquare said...

aaaaahhhhhhh! head exploding!

Steph said...

Just lovely